“Richard has been our non exec director driving us forwards, challenging us where we need to rethink, supporting us where we need help, making sure the management team build a 3-5 year plan reinvigorating the agency and that we’re on course to deliver against it.”

Claire Walker, CEO Firefly Communications Group

31EA504B-B72B-44F9-3D765ED469CFEF85“I would encourage anyone running a PR consultancy to speak with Richard. He’s been there, got the T-shirt and able to condense that experience into simple, rock solid advice when it’s comes to the sharp end of business management. I had the good fortune of getting Richard’s advice when we were starting out and we’re still following it today.”

Sandy Purewal, CEO, Octopus Group

0d64508“I had been searching for some time to find someone suitable to help me grow my agency.  A look at Richard’s breadth of experience underlines why his moniker as the Agency Doctor is so well deserved. He has a deep understanding of all the opportunities and challenges that face senior agency staff, having worked for agencies of varying sizes as well as the role as head of the PRCA.  A supportive ear providing informed counsel, I’ve learnt a tremendous amount from Richard and would recommend him to anyone seeking PR agency guidance.”

David Alexander, Managing Director, Calacus