Agency Doctor: Behind the Column: Jim Hawker, co-Founder, threepipe

By way of background to my Agency Doctor column in PR Week Jim Hawker, co-founder, threepipe discusses why he merged his PR business with digital agency Blowfish. Jim addresses the challenges of merging and managing teams with very different approaches  – one data driven and one all about creativity and content creation. My apologies to Jim […]

Recruitment insights via cycling?

Last week I ran a workshop for the MAA as part of its Future Leaders Academy covering how to recruit, develop and retain the best people. The discussion was lively and a good number of the attendees were developing innovative ways of reaching potential recruits and holding on to them. What was not discussed (probably with […]

Agency Doctor: Behind the Column: Matt Neale, President, Golin Harris

As part of my monthly PR week Column, Agency Doctor, I am planning to film interviewees to give a bit more background than I can include in the 800 words I have each month. The first video comes from Matt Neale,President, Golin Harris, who describes in more detail the impact of restructuring the agency in […]

Ignorant and Rushed?

Twitter was buzzing following Lord Chadlington’s speech at the recent ICCO Paris Summit. The attendees were sharing his views on what is needed to make a successful agency. Everything is possible Clients are at the centre of your business Hire people smarter than you. Don’t employ people who don’t get digital. Be tough about ourselves, […]