Agency Doctor: Behind the Column: Kate Hartley, Polpeo

      In my February Agency Doctor column for PR Week I used social media simulations company Polpeo as a great example of innovation in the PR sector. This interview with COO of Polpeo, Kate Hartley, gives you an insight into the process of innovation and what it is like selling an innovative service. […]

The Business Benefits of Eating Right

I confess this in not the most important post I have ever written. But I am in the process of catching up with my Podcasts and loved Lucy Kellaway’s January post on the FT about the value of eating breakfast at home, lunch with a knife and fork at a table and your tea or […]

Pitching for accounts – art or science?

I gave a guest lecture to undergraduates on Westminster University’s PR Degree yesterday. The topic – Pitching – Art or Science? After some discussion we agreed that it was a healthy balance of both, with analysis and research skills along with the need for creative insights and ideas to cut through the huge amount of […]

Agency Doctor: Behind the Column: Tamara Littleton, eModeration

‘The technology is the boring bit’ ¬†This was Tamara Littleton’s response to one of my questions about how she has created a 300 plus person¬†multilingual social media management agency over the last ten years using the virtual agency model. Tamara suggests that you have to move on from worrying how people work and focus on […]

Zombie consultants and change management

Due to a nasty bout of food poisoning I found myself at a few hours notice on the platform for the inaugural PRCA Fellows/Westminster University debate on Tuesday – Everyone deserves PR representation. I got rolled over. Not just a little, but completely. Robert Philips and George Pitcher of Jericho Chambers, who were opposing the […]