Why sharing works!





There have been thousands of articles written on every aspect of social media and the benefits that it brings  to communicators and marketers.  But I still find myself in conversations with both agency and client teams discussing exactly how and why it works.

As I absolutely do not have all the answers, or see myself as any form of guru, and because it plays such a big part in the ability of agencies to grow I am constantly on the look out for simple and compelling overviews of how it works and the benefits delivered.

I came across a great deck from New Rainmaker yesterday, which while designed to support sales of its media platform, I think is compelling and concise – a great combination.

New Rainmaker highlight eight considerations for successful growth of an online audience:

  1. Think what content your audience wants to read
  2. Demonstrate authority – don’t claim it
  3. Social distribution proves you’ve got it right
  4. Give away to build ongoing relationships
  5. Be likable
  6. Get your foot in the digital door
  7. Tell stories
  8. Educate to influence

I hope you find it useful and if you have your own hard earned guidelines do get in touch.